All productions are filmed in HD to optimise quality and prolong shelf-life. We have an extensive pool of talented actors, scriptwriters and crew who are used regularly to cater for all production needs. A portable edit station can be used to review and quickly assemble footage on location, allowing informed decisions to be made as the shoot progresses.


Editing and finishing takes place on both resident and portable HD suites. We can also provide ad hoc motion graphics or 3D animation and will advise on the needs of these for each production. Guidance will also be provided for the choice or composition of music together with any narration, subtitling or translation requirements.


Interactive flash movies through to Blu-ray discs can be designed and authored for a variety of uses from live presentation to staff inductions.


Once edited we can encode your video into an variety of formats for your website. Whether a podcast, training or corporate production we’ll work alongside your web developers to optimise the content for display on your website.

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